The Potter's House Bible College and Seminary   What Is The Potter's House Bible College and Seminary?
Pastors Mike And Sheila Padgett Invite You To Join Jacksonville's Newest, Bible based Ministry College. The Potter's House Bible And Seminary College is a non-denominational, evangelical, Christian college with the goal of Equipping Christian Leaders with the finest curriculum available today, anywhere to enhance Christian service.
How Do I Apply?   What Is The Potter's House Bible College and Seminary?
Apply in person at the campus location,
4801 Gum Branch Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540

- We accept transfer credits from most colleges and ministry experience credits.
- We also reserve the right to deny credit transfers, as do other Ministry schools.
- We want you to understand that some or all of our classes may not be transferable to other bible colleges. All credit transfers depend solely on their credit transfer requirements.
- Our classes may not be transferable to secular schools, colleges or institutions. Our school is designed for Ministry only.
Our Board consist of Spirit filled, God loving people who are dedicated to insuring that you receive the best Christian education possible. You will be prepared for service in your ministry field.

The Potter's House Bible and Seminary College offers a diverse group of teachers that know the vision of Equipping Christian Leaders through the knowledge of the scriptures.
Why Is The Potter's House Bible College and Seminary So Important?
We offer authorized degrees such as: Certificate Of Biblical Studies, Associate Of Bible Studies, Bachelor Of Theology, Master And Doctorate Programs. Also, we now offer degrees for Prayer and Worship. We have a Christian Counseling Program and are able to issue you degrees.

If time is an issue, you may enroll at the campus site and complete your assignments through correspondence classes which are ongoing. This is a perfect option for Military personnel.
  Our Goals
- To enrich and deepen one's knowledge of the word of God.
- To prepare current and future ministers and/or lay persons to serve.
- To give quality curriculum at a reasonable price.
- To be a unifying factor for all Christian faiths.
Why Should I Consider The Potter's House Bible College and Seminary?
1. Tuition Rates Are Affordable
2. All Proceeds From The College Are Regulated And Assigned To An Accounting Firm For Accountability Purposes.
3. The Potter's House Seminary and Bible College of Jacksonville, NC qualifies for accreditation by the
American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions.
Accreditation for the year 2012
Jan. 1, 2012 - Dec. 31, 2012
4. Most of Our Subject Matter Required Is Recognized Nationwide for Ministry.
5. You Will Receive A College Transcripts-- Earned, Professionally Done And Fully Endorsed by The Potter's House Church.
6. You will be required to adhere to attendance requirements and perform all assignments and homework.
7. Transcipts may not transfer to secular schools, colleges or institutions.
For inquiries about tuition, call the College Administrator at 910-938-7766

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